Kris has worked in the industry for over 15 years, starting in warehouse safety training within his home town of Northumberland. The majority of his experience, however, lies within offshore oil and gas competence lead programmes, with the last 12 years being spent in South East Asia, Australia, Scotland and the USA. Kris spent four years at the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas, as an operational lead for the Hi-Con programme. As the first commercial offshore oil and gas service provider to operate at a NASA facility, Kris contributed heavily in the training of government employees to instruct offshore oil and gas programmes, gaining industry approved accreditations and contributing to ISO certifications. The highlight of the experience was being able to work with some of the most dynamic and innovative individuals within the NASA community, culminating in receiving an international OPITO award for Training Provider of the year in 2013. We are delighted that in 2015 Kris agreed to return back to the UK in order to take the new role of Training Centre Manager at Clyde Training Solutions.


Symon’s career began in the Royal Navy at 17 as a Junior Rating before rising through the ranks to senior middle management. During his career he has trained and mentored many Naval ratings and senior Naval Officers in Firefighting and Damage control techniques onboard Royal Navy Warships, and was also the Royal Navy’s representative working with BAE Systems in England and the USA on ships developments before leaving the Royal Navy in 2014. Since joining Clyde Training Solutions as a Firefighting Instructor Symon has been instrumental in the production of an extensive range of firefighting MNTB / STCW courses for Clyde Training Solutions, allowing us to gain the necessary course approvals. Now in the position of Fire team Lead within the Clyde Training Solutions company he is looking forward to new challenges and helping to take the company forward with an excellent team of Fire Fighting Instructors behind him within the maritime and offshore oil and gas sector, as Clyde Training Solutions continues to grow and develop.