STCW Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention

STCW Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention

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STCW Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Course Overview

STCW Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention is designed to provide those seeking/requiring Certificates of Competence, able seafarers, UK watch ratings and others with specified survival duties on board a ship with the essential education and training in fire prevention and fire fighting which meets the knowledge, understanding and proficiency set out in the STCW code.

NOTE – If you require the refresher STCW Updated Proficiency in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention please click the link provided

Course Content:

This STCW 2010 course provides both a practical and theoretical mixture of training.


  • Fire theory
  • Causes of ignition
  • Onboard safety
  • The conditions required for fire
  • Methods to extinguish fire
  • The spread of fire
  • Classes of fire


  • Carrying out the initial actions on discovering a fire
  • Identifying the environment
  • Correctly using portable and mobile fire extinguishers
  • The use of hoses, nozzles and hose equipment
  • Extinguishing different types of fire
  • Testing and using BA equipment
Entry Requirements:

Candidates must be fit and able to complete all aspects of training. This course is physically demanding so candidates are required to complete a medical declaration prior to the commencement of the course.


Upon successful completion, candidates are issued with an MCA approved STCW Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention certificate.