GWO Advanced Rescue Training

GWO Advanced Rescue Training

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GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART) Course Overview:

This course is aimed at professionals who work in the wind industry and require extended knowledge and practice of various rescue techniques, either in a supervisory or active rescue role. The modules teach entry-type casualty rescue operations in a turbine using industry standard rescue equipment, rescue methods and techniques, exceeding those of GWO Working at heights.

The GWO Advanced Rescue Training is divided into the following four Modules:

  • Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (HSIBR)
  • Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue (NTBR)
  • Single Rescuer: Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (SR:HSIBR)
  • Single Rescuer: Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue (SR:NTBR)

For those looking to refresh their existing ART certificate, please visit our refresher course:

GWO Advanced Rescue Training Refresher

Course Content:

Participants will be able to explain and demonstrate a wide variety of skills and knowledge. This will include, but not limited to, rescue scenario planning, evacuation strategies, identify suitable anchor points for rescue, casualty handling, concepts of lift planning, preparing for helicopter rescue, manging rescue efforts in a confined space, perform vertical and horizontal rescue, use of powered and non-powered equipment, safe use of rescue equipment, communication technique and casualty transfer.

The Advanced Rescue Training (ART) shall ensure that:

Each participant will take an active role in the 4 modules;

Nacelle, Tower & Basement Rescue
The aim of this module is to enable the course participant to perform injured person rescue operations in a WTG nacelle, tower and bas