Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (OERTL)

Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (OERTL)

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Course Overview:

The purpose of this training course is to prepare appointed persons with the knowledge and understanding to act a leader within an emergency offshore.

The individual should recognise, however, that this is only part of a broader training programme, alongside company and installation-specific emergency response training, most of which will be conducted offshore on a regular basis as drills and exercises.

NOTE – This is the initial ENTRY LEVEL course for the Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader. For those requiring the refresher or revalidation course, please visit our course page below:

Further Offshore Emergency Response Team Leader (FOERTL)

Course Content:

By the end of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the role and explain the key responsibilities of the Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Know the purpose of typical response arrangements and procedures
  • Carryout emergency response planning effectively, including requirements for PPE, setting priorities and objectives to the response teams
  • Monitor human and environmental factors during an emergency
  • Carryout dynamic risk assessments
  • Delegate tasks to the Offshore Emergency Response Team (OERT) effectively
  • Communicate effectively with relevant emergency response personnel
  • Lead the OERT in a clear and confident manner
  • Look for and respond accordingly to signs of stress in individual ERT members during the emergency
  • Effectively monitor breathing apparatus (BA) control
  • Lead the OERT during fire and non-fire incidents effectively
  • Conduct missing persons and casualty management effectively during the emergency
Entry Requirements:

A valid Initial Offshore Emergency Response Team Member Training (OERTM) certificate OR A valid