Blog: How to renew STCW

Is the expiry date on your STCW certificate fast approaching? Under the new STCW requirements, all seafarers now need to revalidate their certificate every five years. For many that time has come around again. If this is your first time renewing the certificate don’t worry this article will help navigate you through the murky waters of the new requirements.

Refresher training

To renew your certificate all you need to do is undertake refresher training with an MCA approved training provider like Clyde Training Solutions. STCW training used to be a one-time qualification however technology and safety practices are constantly evolving so up-to-date training is crucial for everyone’s safety at sea. By updating your skills every five years you will be able to continue to do your job safely and to the best of your ability. The refresher training can be completed as a block:

This training block includes the following elements:

The good news is that the block refresher course doesn’t take quite as long. It’s only four days, unlike the initial training which is five days.

You don’t need to do it all in one go either. As well as the block we also offer each component listed above individually so if you’re struggling to fit it all in or you just need to renew a particular component you can pick and choose what ones you sit.

Don’t leave it too late!

When renewing your certificate the most important thing to remember is that you need to do it before it expires so don’t leave it too late. The best thing to do is set a reminder on your phone a month or two before it is due for renewal so you don’t forget. This also gives you plenty of time to book your training and ensure that you get your preferred date.

Book now

If your STCW certificate is due for renewal book in for your refresher training today. We have lots of training dates available but these will fill up quickly so don’t leave it too late.