Safety takes centre stage at 2nd annual UK Chamber of Shipping Summer Lunch

Clyde Training Solutions Directors with UK Chamber of Shipping President and CEO

Clyde Training Solutions (CTS) were delighted to again be main sponsors of the 2nd annual UK Chamber of Shipping Summer Lunch, held at Edinburgh’s Mansfield Traquair on Wednesday 14th June.

Representatives from across the Scottish Shipping industry and beyond gathered to renew old acquaintances, but also to hear speeches from the Scottish Minister of Transport Humza Yousaf, and Chamber President Dr Grahaeme Henderson.

Safety was a key message in Dr Henderson’s speech, which compelled personnel at all levels within the shipping industry to work together to ensure the safest of working environments.

Dr Henderson commented: “There is nothing more important than safety, and there is nothing worse than a major incident, no-one wins. People are killed and injured. A family’s future is destroyed and time never heals.

“We need to work together to make a significant step change improvement in safety. That is why, at the UK Chamber of Shipping, we are working relentlessly to improve the safety performance of the industry. I encourage each and every one of you to be part of the UK Chamber’s new safety forum -  It allows people from across the industry to come together to share best practice and experiences, learning from one another. That is how we create a safer culture on board our ships.”

The focus by sectors and individual companies to improve personnel safety is one of the main factors behind the creation of Clyde Training Solutions, and its bespoke training centre on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow.

Catering for both the marine and offshore sectors, CTS has already had over 4,000 delegates come through our door since fully opening in October 2016 to attain MCA and OPITO certified training.

Colin McMurray, CTS Director, commented: “It is heartening to see Dr Henderson, and the Chamber take such steps to improve safety within the industry.

“As an ex-seafarer myself, I understand there are certain risks associated with the job, but I also know that effective training of personnel can reduce these risks significantly.

“The CTS international training centre in Glasgow offers industry approved safety training for both marine and offshore personnel, and we welcome an increased focus on ensuring the safety of personnel remains at the forefront of both sectors.”