Do you come from a land down under?

Since opening our doors in October 2016, CTS staff have become used to entertaining delegates from a variety of locations including United States, Mexico, Reunion and China, but even we raised our eyebrows when we saw a booking come in online for a 1-day STCW Updated Proficiency In Fire Fighting And Fire Prevention course…all the way from Byron Bay, Australia – 10,274 miles as the crow flies!

The delegate in question was Patrick McEwan, who explained that CTS were able to provide him with a date that suited his timetable, as well as accessibility due to our proximity to Glasgow Airport.

Patrick told us: “I gained my original STCW Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention qualification in Australia back in 2004 before beginning work in Europe, starting out in small sail boats before working my way up to super yachts that I work in today. The recent change which meant that all qualifications had to be refreshed meant I had to revalidate my certification before beginning my next rotation later this week.

“So it meant flying 20 hours from Bali to arrive in Glasgow on Sunday, before leaving tomorrow [Wednesday] to go to Nice to begin work.  I suppose it is a long way to travel to complete a day’s worth of training but I have never been to Scotland before and it is good to tick off another country, and I’ve really enjoyed my experience at Clyde Training Solutions.”

It has been our genuine pleasure to have you with us Patrick, even though you didn’t bring some Aussie sunshine with you!

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