CTS trains HMS Prince of Wales workforce

Clyde Training Solutions were delighted to welcome staff from the Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) to our centre last week to undertake STCW Personal Survival Training (PST).

The ACA consists of BAE Systems, Babcock International Group, Thales Group and the Ministry of Defence, and was created to build the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy.

The 16 ACA staff who attended the CTS centre are the first of approximately 200 staff who will be undertaking the training between July and September this year. They are currently working on HMS Prince of Wales and will be on-board for sea trials.

Completion of the mandatory STCW training will allow these highly skilled professionals to work on-board the vessel as it undergoes rigours testing ahead of being handed over to the Royal Navy in late 2019.

Commenting on the training, Stewart Sykes, Aviation and Air Weapons Programme Manager, stated: “A big part of this is certification to make sure we are qualified to go to sea, but I think it is essential if a drastic situation presents itself, that you have had a level of training.

“You would be surprised how much of that you would call on, if required. If the situation does come around, we will be prepared to deal with it.

“The training is needs must for me because I need to sail on the carrier to complete some of the systems. I was quite nervous and apprehensive coming into it, but the training was brilliant; first class trainers in a safe and comfortable environment.”

Colleague Joe Wallace, Senior Commissioning Manager – Fixed Firefighting Systems, echoed Stewart’s comments: “I have completed a few courses of this type in various centres, and I felt it was pitched to the delegates at the right level.”

Gareth Mathias, CTS General Manager, said: “It has been our pleasure to provide training for the ACA staff, having already taken a similar number of colleagues through their training in 2017 whilst working on HMS Queen Elizabeth.

“It is extremely gratifying to hear from individuals involved in the first batch of training that they felt it was beneficial and delivered to them in a professional and reassuring manner.

“HMS Prince of Wales is an incredibly impressive vessel and we at CTS are proud to play a small, but nonetheless important, role in helping this project move forward towards its completion.”

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