CTS hosts Angus Fire CoolFire demonstration at centre

CTS senior management and fire instructors were delighted to host Angus Fire at our centre on Wednesday 10th January. Angus Fire are part of the Angus International Safety Group who operate in over 120 countries, and specialise in producing fire equipment for all environments.

General Manager Gareth Mathias and Fire Team Lead Darren Kirby welcomed Trevor Fewell and Alistair McWilliams from Angus, and it was our pleasure to host the demonstration of the CoolFire unit as part of our ongoing training to keep current with the latest innovations in firefighting technology.

What makes CoolFire different from other firefighting equipment, is its ability to punch a hole in almost any surface to then spray water into a compartment that is engulfed with flames and may be over 300 Degrees in temperature, making it extremely dangerous to enter.

The CoolFire hose cuts a small hole in materials using a high-pressure combination of abrasive and water, cutting through house bricks in 10 seconds, 10mm steel in 15 seconds, and 100mm concrete blocks in 20 seconds.

Once CoolFire penetrates the structure, the abrasive element switches off and water is then pumped into the compartment.  A fine water mist is then created which causes a cooling effect.  The water droplets absorb the heat and turn to steam which rapidly reduces the room temperature and lowers oxygen in the fire zone – all without anyone having to enter the effected room.

In an environment like a ship or an offshore installation where it is vital to tackle and contain fires as quickly and effectively as possible, equipment such as CoolFire could be lifesaving, as it minimises contact between intense fires and firefighters, and also deprives the fire of oxygen which would happen when doors are opened to access the fire normally.

For CTS who are constantly striving to improve the safety and reactions of delegates when tackling fires in these environments, it was very interesting to see this equipment in action.

Fire Team lead Darren Kirby stated: “The CoolFire unit is an excellent way to improve firefighter safety by controlling, cooling and supressing the high temperatures and fire gases in a compartment from a position of safety before entry.  Any improvement to industry and firefighter safety is welcomed by us here at CTS and we are always keen to stay abreast of all the latest developments in order to deliver first class training to students and industry alike.”