CTS helps Stena Line OSS Stewards prepare for summer season

Clyde Training Solutions welcomed passenger ferry steward trainees to its Glasgow centre recently as they prepare for roles aboard Stena Line vessels in the Irish Sea.

Eighty On Board Sales and Services (OSS) employees, recruited to handle the busy summer season, underwent sea survival training and fire safety training at the centre.

Many of the trainees have a hospitality background, with no prior experience of the practical 6-day training in both the deep water pool and fire ground.

Gemma John, 19, from Fishguard, said: “The training has been really enjoyable and the trainers have been great and very thorough.

“I was really nervous before coming up to Glasgow – I wasn’t sure how I would manage with the practical training, but I am really pleased I have done it and I can’t wait to get started now on the ship.”

Craig Baillie, 25, from Stranraer, added: “The intensity and professionalism of the training is impressive - it drives home that you are not just going to be doing a normal job, you’re doing something different to working in kitchens onshore and safety is therefore much more important.”

Kris McDonald, CTS Training Centre Manager, said: “The trainees have undergone intensive training over six days in order to prepare them for their duties sailing on passenger ferries.

“This training has included a range of short courses in first aid, fire fighting, sea survival and security training, ensuring the new employees understand their safety and security responsibilities.

“Most of the trainees have never carried out training of this nature and it can therefore be a challenge, however they demonstrated a motivated, enthusiastic and committed approach to what was asked of them.”