CTS goes back to school

We sent a member of Clyde Training Solutions back to school in early March this year, but we are glad to say it was to impart some knowledge.

Maintenance Engineer Neill Davidson was invited to St Roch’s Primary in Royston, Glasgow, to take part in the Primary Engineer programme which aims to bring together primary school children with Engineers to help them understand how real world problems can be solved by inventions, and hopefully inspire the next generation of inventors.

The scheme has recently received the back of our sister company Clyde Marine Training, and we were only too glad to lend a helping hand in the form of former Merchant Navy engineer Neil.

As part of his visit Neil spoke to the kids about the engineer’s duties on a vessel and how to overhaul the main engines, diesel generators and the general size of the pistons that the vessels have.

Commenting on the day Neil remarked: “My presentation was around life at sea and being given the opportunity to travel around the world and how important an engineer was to the effective running of a ship.

“I then went around the class and spoke to the children about the various ideas and inventions they had produced and gave them some hints and tips.

“I then got involved in the Lunchtime STEM club challenge in which they had to transfer two litres of water in 5 minutes without spilling a drop. I showed them how to modify the bottles they were using by introducing a funnel.

“It really was a fantastic thing to see the kids so engaged with engineering, and have them smiling, laughing and asking interesting questions, making the whole experience really enjoyable and worthwhile.”

Class teacher Linda Lynch was full of praise for Neil’s time and effort in visiting the school: “We would just like to thank Neil again so much for coming to speak to the children in Primary 4 and 5 about engineering and STEM. The children were so engaged and loved learning about what it means to be an engineer.

“Marine engineering was something we knew very little about, but after hearing from Neil, the children were so enthused and excited about what marine engineering is. Likewise, with our STEM Club children, you have helped them with their problem solving and inspired their further creations.”

All in all it seems like it was a fantastic experience for both the children and Neil, and we look forward to hopefully welcoming these children to our centre in 15 years as fully qualified maritime engineers!