Changes to BOSIET, HUET & FOET Entry Requirements from March 26th 2018

From the 26th March 2018, new rules apply to BOSIET with CA-EBS / HUET with CA-EBS / FOET with CA-EBS:

  • – You must possess a valid OGUK offshore medical / certificate OR one issued by a body outside the UK which is recognised as equivalent to the OGUK medical certificate of fitness to work offshore.
  • – You must possess a OGUK ‘Fit to Train’ certificate, issued by a OGUK examining doctor.
  • – You must sign a statement of fitness to participate in shallow water CA-EBS training, on the day of training.

FAQ’s (valid from 26th March 2018)

What if I arrive at CTS without the new ‘Fit to Train’ medical certificate?

If you do not possess this document then we would be unable to issue a certificate of completion of the training course. Medical certificates will be checked during course enrolment.

What if my OGUK doctor declares me ‘unfit to train’?

The OGUK doctor will be obliged to issue you with a ‘unfit to train’ certificate, which will exempt you from participating in the shallow water CA-EBS training. In such cases, this certificate must be presented on the day of training as proof that a OGUK doctor has deemed you ‘non fit’ to participate. Upon successful completion of all other learning outcomes, a full course certificate will be issued to you.

What if I don’t feel fit enough to do the in-water CA-EBS training, even though I hold a ‘fit to train’ certificate.

In such cases you will be non-attained as per normal CTS procedures and re-booked within the prescribed time period to continue the training course. Once you have successfully met all Learning Outcomes of the course a certificate will be issued to you.

I do not hold a OGUK ‘non fit to train’ certificate, can I be exempt from participating in the shallow water CA-EBS training?

No. you must present a ‘non fit to train’ certificate from an approved OGUK doctor. In the unlikely event that you arrive at CTS without a fitness exemption then we will withhold your course certificate. Pending that if you are able to produce a ‘non fit to train’ certificate before the prescribed return time (currently 90 days), we will then release your certificate.

My current training certificate expires at a later date, do I need to return and complete the in-water CA-EBS training?

No, the rules only apply to new certificates being issued from the 26th March 2018. No ‘bolt on’ training is required at this time. 

Does CTS offer OGUK medicals?

Currently not, but we are working to improve this service as a result of these rule changes. Our sister company Clyde Medicals based in Hillington can however provide this service.  They can be contacted via 0141 427 6655 or via

Please contact CTS if you require any further details – 0141 427 9411 or via 

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