Certifying Bodies Announcements in relation to COVID-19 Extensions

NOTE – although the CTS training centre is closed to delegates from Monday 23rd March at 5:00pm, you can still contact customer services via the following channels:


The following guidance has been issued by certifying bodies for employers/delegates in relation to certificate extensions required due to COVID-19:


OPITO have issued the following statement and guidance relating to their extension policy at this time:

“As the global situation with COVID-19 continues to develop, employing companies and delegates may find themselves in a position that OPITO certification cannot be refreshed due to quarantine, travel or training provider issues.

“OPITO is committed to ensuring that in these exceptional circumstances, where refresher training cannot be undertaken due to the COVID-19 situation, that a suitable extension process is available for employing companies and delegates.”

The following conditions will be taken into consideration when applying for a certificate extension:

–  An individual’s current certificate is due to expire during a period of isolation or quarantine

–  An individual has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is receiving medical care

–  An individual has been refused admission to refresher training due to previous travel history

–  An individual cannot gain access to a Training Provider in their area due to travel restrictions imposed by Government (or local authorities) and/or training centre closures

–  The employing company has imposed specific travel restrictions that do not permit refresher training to be completed prior to the expiry date (Employing Companies only)

Applying for an extension

There are two ways to apply for an extension to an OPITO certificate:

–  Employing companies will be able to apply for an extension by completing the Employer Form

–  Delegates (self-sponsors) will be able to apply for an extension by completing the Delegate Form

These forms will require information such as the name of the certificate holder, certificate type, expiry date and reason for extension request.

This form is completed on the OPITO website and the extension request will be reviewed and processed as a priority. Should the request be successful, a new certificate number will be generated. As the new certificate number is purely to indicate that an extension has been granted, no new certificate will be issued.

Requests will only be considered for certificates that have an expiry date within 30 days from application for extension.


The MCA have issued the following statement and guidance relating to their extensi