GWO Working at Height Training : What Is It & Who Needs It?

Following the opening of our dedicated Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Training Centre in September 2021, we became the first training provider in the Central Belt to offer delegates all five mandatory GWO training elements from one singular location. 

The five core GWO training modules are: 

We get a lot of questions about the GWO Working at height module in particular. So, with that in mind, we asked our Survival Instructor, Jack Baker, to put together this article explaining what it’s all about. 

GWO Working at Height Training in Scotland 

GWO working at height training is required for all those working on a wind turbine or in the wind industry. It introduces delegates to working at height equipment and how to use it correctly.  

We coach delegates on how to climb on ladders using different fall arrest systems and how to evacuate themselves and others in the worst-case scenario where they need to escape from the main section of a wind turbine, or nacelle as it is known in the sector.  

More importantly, we are training our delegates on how to be comfortable working at height and empowering them with the confidence needed to go out into the renewables industry and keep themselves and others safe. 

The 2nd day of our GWO Working at height course is all about rescue training. Here, we’re focusing on training people to rescue a fallen casualty from a range of different scenarios using equipment available in the rescue kits found in the renewable sector. This is vital for everyone working on a turbine as everyone should be able to rescue each other should someone have an accident. 

Nowadays, a lot of companies expect their technicians to be trained in advanced rescue techniques. This course enables them to potentially rescue an injured person from any location on the turbine and evacuate them to a place of safety.  

We teach participants not only how to package a casualty, but also the correct lifting techniques needed to lower them down to a vessel or even raise them onto the top of a nacelle to be rescued by helicopter. 

Each course in our GWO programme can be booked individually or you can choose to complete the training all in one go over five days with our GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) Package offering. 

We also provide GWO refresher training for those delegates who already hold a certificate which can also be booked individually or as a single block booking. 

GWO Certification Refresher Training courses: