blog: what is gwo certification?


GWO certification is mandatory for anyone working in the wind and renewables sector both onshore and offshore.  To obtain a certificate you need to complete all five elements of GWO Basic Safety Training – Basic Sea Survival Training, Fire Awareness Safety Training, Manual Handling Training, First Aid Training and Working at Height Training.  You will receive your certificate on successful completion of all the training.  This provides you with documentary evidence that confirms you possess the basic knowledge and competencies required to work in a safe manner in the wind and renewable sector.

Once you have a certificate it is equally as important to keep it up-to-date.  Your certificate is only valid for 24 months so you need to undertake regular refresher training.  Just make sure you book it before your current certificate expires and allow yourself plenty of time in case your preferred date is fully booked.  The good news is that GWO Refresher Training takes less time to complete and costs significantly less than undertaking the initial training as a new delegate.

If you are looking to obtain a GWO certificate for the first time or you need to revalidate your current certificate then you should get in touch with an accredited training provider such as Clyde Training Solutions.  We are the largest provider of GWO Basic Safety Training in Central Scotland and offer a wide range of courses including refresher training.  Our courses can be provided individually or as a block booking depending on your requirements.


GWO Training

GWO Basic Sea Survival Training

GWO Basic Fire Awareness Safety Training

GWO Basic Manual Handling Training

GWO Basic First Aid Training

GWO Basic Safety Training Package (4 Elements)


GWO Refresher Training

GWO Fire Awareness Refresher Training

GWO Sea Survival Refresher Training

GWO Manual Handling Refresher Training

GWO First Aid Refresher Training

GWO Refresher Safety Training Package (4 Elements)


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