In the second phase of our training centre development, Clyde Training Solutions will be working with international training standards providers, such as OPITO, to deliver mandatory basic safety training required for those working on offshore vessels and oil & gas installations. The training centre in Clydebank has the latest simulated helicopter and fire fighting installations that allow candidates to perform training that complies with international standards and is delivered with candidates safety and comfort as our number one priority.

We provide a range of STCW courses for both the marine and offshore industries which fulfill the requirements of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments. Our programme has an emphasis on safety training and technical simulation courses which are geared towards various vessel types including offshore fleet, tankers, ferries and passenger vessels.
Among our STCW courses we also provide SCTW revalidation training, approved by the MCA, to fulfil the requirements laid out in STCW 2010 Amendments. As per the requirements of section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code 2010 Manila Amendments all seafarers are required to provide evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence every five years. Elements that must be revalidated include Personal Survival Techniques, Fire Fighting & Fire Prevention, Advanced Fighting, Survival Craft & Rescue Boats.
Clyde Training Solutions is proud to offer a range of maritime technical training courses, across areas such as simulation training and vessel/tanker operations. Our training instructors are continually updating their knowledge and skills through close association with shipping companies and the industry as a whole, enabling us to create and deliver learning and teaching to the highest industry standards.
At CTS, you will be trained by professionals who are fully qualified ship captains and have vast experience handling various types of vessels, ranging from small watercrafts and yachts to large tankers and passenger ferries. They have experience in utilising the latest navigation technology such as electronic charts and GPS but are also well versed in “traditional” coastal and ocean navigation techniques such as chart work, compass use and celestial navigation.
Clyde Training Solutions provides industry-leading safety training for the wind and renewables sectors. Our highly experienced staff who have worked within the marine, offshore and renewables sectors, have used this experience to create from scratch high-quality, relevant and engaging GWO training course for the GWO industry.