STCW Revalidation Training Route 1 (block)

STCW 2010 Refresher Courses

STCW revalidation is a requirement of the 2010 Manila Amendments. If you are serving on board a ship and are qualified in any of the following areas you are now required to have documentary evidence of either completing the Basic Safety Training or a refresher within the last 5 years.

You can revalidate the 4 mandatory elements of STCW 2010 individually or you can complete the all in one go with a block booking. If you would prefer to complete them in a block then we have two options available to you - Route 1 and Route 2. The Route 1 option allows you to complete your STCW revalidation training in less time. However, if you decide to go down this route you must sign a self-declaration form.

This course includes:


PLEASE NOTE - Anyone requiring Route 2 should call our office on 0141 427 9411

Required Qualifications

Seafarers must be able to provide evidence of having previously completed their basic safety training or equivalent.

Delegates are requested to provide a signed self-declaration form as a pre-requisite to attending the reduced hours entry route of the STCW revalidation course which is provided as part of your joining instructions.

Should you have any questions as to the validity of your STCW certificate please do not hesitate to contact us.


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