STCW training course

STCW Boatmasters Fire Fighting

STCW 2010 Approved Maritime Training, Fire Fighting

This STCW 2010 course is designed to provide those sailing as Boatmasters with the appropriate training to enable them to enhance fire safety on board a ship as well as give them the knowledge of how fire starts and to ensure that they are confident of the procedures to follow in the event of fire on board.

The course includes a mixture of both practical and theory training, and there is a short exam at the end of the training.

The course covers:

  • Understanding the initiation, growth and spread of fire and explosion
  • The actions required on the discovery of fire
  • The actions required in the event of fire alarm activation
  • Fire fighting equipment on board
  • The use of fire fighting equipment on board
  • Fire prevention measures on board
  • Correct methods for casualty search and rescue


Candidates who successfully complete the course are issued with an STCW Boatmasters Licence Fire Fighting Certificate.

Required Qualifications

There are no formal entry requirements for this MCA approved course.


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