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Liquid Cargo Operating Simulator Gas (LNG LICOS)

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Course Overview:

Approved by Bureau Veritas, and meeting the recommendations detailed within the SIGTTO LNG competency standards, this course is intended for the training and practise of tanker personnel in the cargo handling and auxiliary control functions that would occur in the operational life of gas tankers. The simulator can be used within the framework of IMO model course.

Course Content:

  • Develop familiarisation and understanding of LNG transportation requirements.
  • Manage and operate safety systems and equipment.
  • Prepare and implement a detailed plan for the entire cargo cycle.
  • Monitor and review cargo operations.
  • Plan for and manage cargo operations under non-standard conditions.
  • Plan for and manage cargo operations under emergency conditions.
  • Ensure the integrity of cargo containment, cargo equipment and cargo related spaces.
  • Develop the awareness of the commercial aspects of LNG transportation.

Required Qualifications

Valid Gas Tanker Endorsement and 3 months service on LNG carriers.

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