CAA Radio Operator Certificate of Competence (ROCC)

CAA Radio Operator Certificate of Competence (ROCC)

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Certifying Authority
CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

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CAA Radio Operator Certificate of Competence (ROCC) Course Overview

This course is designed to deliver the required syllabus in CAP 452, using a combination of PowerPoint presentations, periodic assessment per subject area and practical R/T exercises.

Delegates will simulate communication for a helicopter approach and departure from a helideck and also learn the communication required in the event in an emergency.

The course is one of the prerequisites for an offshore Helideck Landing Officer (HLO) post, and is a requirement for those who are looking to the following workplaces:

  • An offshore fixed platform or mobile drilling rig
  • Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV)
  • Other specific assets that maintain a serviceable helideck
ROCC Course Content:

At the end of the module, delegates will have covered the following:

  • Correct speech techniques
  • Standard speech abbreviations
  • Aircraft call signs
  • Readability of transmissions
  • Reporting of helideck movement
  • Correct terminology
  • Aircraft distress and urgency response procedures
Entry Requirements:

Delegates must be 18 years old. There are no pre-requisites in terms of previous training, however, it is important that prior to the course the key subject areas are studied by the delegate. These key subject areas will be supplied by Clyde Training Solutions.


Delegates passing the theory and practical assessment will be able to apply for a CAA Radio Operator Certificate of Competence (ROCC)

£350.00 exc VAT
£350.00 exc VAT
£350.00 exc VAT
£350.00 exc VAT

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£350.00 exc VAT


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