As the first and only training centre in the central belt of Scotland to offer an extensive suite of offshore, maritime and renewables training, Clyde Training Solutions recognises what is required to offer something unique.

From day one we have sought to ensure that the training needs of delegates are not simply served through certification, but rather that they leave us confident, informed and equipped to deal with any emergency scenarios they may find themselves in.

Growing from a premier course booking / training delivery service to becoming a partner of choice that facilitates a complete training management package, we work in collaboration with clients to ensure their needs are best met, and we look to achieve this in the following ways.

Through our Strategic Vision:

We aim to be the internationally recognised strategic partner of choice, delivering customer-focused competency solutions within the energy and shipping sectors.

Delivery of our Mission Statement:

Using an innovative blend of traditional and digital methods, we have designed and implemented customer specific and data driven solutions that improve sector safety, competency and commercial operational performance for the end client.

All within our overarching Ethos:

Clyde Training Solutions…Competency Beyond Compliance.

The phrase is more than a marketing slogan, it reflects how we wish to be seen in the marketplace and is encapsulated by the value-added measures taken to provide delegates with a richer training experience.